Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sparks Drummer Project (1): David Kendrick, 1981-1986!

"Sparks have never stopped recreating themselves. It's admirable, and it's true artists that are able to do that. I'm happy to be a part of it." - David Kendrick, Sparks drummer 1981-1986
David Behind The Kit
Greetings! This blog entry kicks off a new and exciting project, which is to interview
the talented individuals who have drummed or played percussion for Sparks over their entire career.  This is an admittedly ambitious goal - many individuals have been so fortunate.  These men and women have made enormous contributions to the Sparks canon, and the history of Sparks from their perspective guarantees to be a unique perspective that only then can provide.  In part, that is because these men and women are great musicians themselves, and it's worth hearing their point of view. In part, this is also because Ron and Russell Mael, the two brothers that comprise the core of Sparks, constantly reinvent themselves, seeking new paths of musical expression. This creates exciting contrasts in the demands placed on the drummers and percussionists, which is important to explore.

First up, the great David Kendrick, who drummed with Sparks from 1981 - 1986.  During this time, Sparks was a rock band, plain and simple, with Ron Mael's keyboards and Russell Mael's vocals augmented with

Sunday, July 28, 2013

For Sparks Fans, List Geeks, and Anybody Else: Top 130 Sparks Songs!

On the Sparks Official Fan Site, there's a small, ongoing thread where people list their top ten Sparks songs. I was never able to do this - the task of coming up with ten just seemed too overwhelming. Finally, I decided to take on the challenge.  It was an exhaustive process that took months - but hey, that's what daily commutes on the Metro are for!

I stayed loose on the criteria - that was the critical decision. I don't know if these are "my favorites" or "Spark's best" or the songs I most respect, or what. Maybe their common thread is that they move me...I don't know. Anyway, as I got absorbed in this project I came up with this list.

I didn't exactly stop at 10. So here you go - WITH COMMENTARY, my top 130 Sparks songs!