Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bucco Optimist Exclusive: Interview with Pittsburgh Author Lee Skirboll!

Well, we all know our Buccos have hit a “rough patch,” for lack of a better term.  Seems like since Jerry Meals things have been “downward trending,” and are a “cause for possible concern.” 

Of course all loyal readers of the Bucco Optimist Blog – including the NINE people who took the time to actually sign up as followers (one of whom is me) know that we’re not prone to giving up easily.  We can always find those silver linings – just think how rested Hanrahan will be for the stretch run, and what a GREAT job Pedro is doing in preserving his At Bats for the final playoff push!  

And we DO know when a great opportunity falls into our hands! And I had JUST such an opportunity last week, when I was in Pittsburgh and got to spent some time with Lee Skirboll, renowned Pittsburgh author whose recent book, “Cage Days,” is burning up the charts!  I loved it, and I think it’ll strike a chord with lotsa loyal Pittsburghers! It’s got the BO Seal of Approval!