Sunday, June 5, 2011

18 Haikus Inspired By Our Pirates!!

Good morning Gang! Like all of you, I am excited as can be about the improved play of our Pirates. And like everyone else I am sure, I was inspired to write 18 Haikus in their honor! Why 18? Well, I explain it below, but when I was about 8, Matty Alou was in a batting race with Pete Rose. From the near empty stands at Forbes Field on a rainy, dreary night, I called out, "Come on, Matty, you can beat Rose!" and he turned around and gave me the most humble, and appreciative of smiles. That's all it took - hero for life! Even named my daughter Madeleine Lucille - or Maddie Lou for short. Maddie Lou - Matty Alou - you get the idea! So to help cheer on our boys, here's 18 Haikus!