Sunday, June 5, 2011

18 Haikus Inspired By Our Pirates!!

Good morning Gang! Like all of you, I am excited as can be about the improved play of our Pirates. And like everyone else I am sure, I was inspired to write 18 Haikus in their honor! Why 18? Well, I explain it below, but when I was about 8, Matty Alou was in a batting race with Pete Rose. From the near empty stands at Forbes Field on a rainy, dreary night, I called out, "Come on, Matty, you can beat Rose!" and he turned around and gave me the most humble, and appreciative of smiles. That's all it took - hero for life! Even named my daughter Madeleine Lucille - or Maddie Lou for short. Maddie Lou - Matty Alou - you get the idea! So to help cheer on our boys, here's 18 Haikus!

I cheered on Matty Alou
He looked at me and smiled
Made a fan for life

They are much improved
Meaningful games in July?
It is possible!

In spirit and size
The manager is robust
His name is Hurdle

Each day we see it
Improvement in many ways
Hope for the future

Defense is improved
Many fewer misplayed balls
Better bunting too!

Powerful shortstop
Would be a great addition
But where to find one?

My brother observes
They have better luck these days
Winning brings good luck

Pitching staff last year
Horrible, Ugly, Scary
A blossomed flower!

People are coming!
Coonelly is now happy
He can raise payroll!

How I hated those
Long losing streaks of the past
Now gone forever!

Trading deadline nears
Old question has new meaning:
Will we buy or sell?

The fans want Rendon!
The GM is not so sure
He loves power arms

Rising superstar
In Center Field: McCutcheon
But will they pay him?

A Pitcher, Morton
He emulates Halliday
Pretty smart, I think!

Two great Correias
One  still plays great fusion jazz
Other wins ball games

A hometown hero
Rose through the ranks and made it
He is Neil Walker

Some ask, can it last?
I turn the question around:
Tell me please: Why not?

Bucco Optimist
Finally, real reasons to
Be optimistic!

Thanks everybody, and don't forget to fill out those All star ballots! Can't emphasize it enough - homefield advantage will be HUGE for our boys!  And...Go Bucs!

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